Dr. Land

Land of Little Doctors

This is the future of Dr. Land!

Dr. Land, Land of Little Doctors!
Are you one of those fathers of mothers who wish your dear child to become a master doctor in the future?
The future is here in Dr. Land!
Dr. Land is a hospital for children and adolescents, with a wealth of medical equipment and facilities.
In this unique place, your child can be a neurologist as a dentist or bring someone back to life in the operating room! So they will definitely have some amazing experiences from the medical world.
Be comfortable with safety, this place is completely safe and secure and has all the necessary standards. Dr. Land works exclusively with the Tehran Emergency Department to get your child a valid degree after training.

Dr. Land can make your child’s talents flourish…

– For people 3 to 14 years old
– In addition to the children’s hospital, Dr. Land has a photography booth, a gift shop and a coffee shop.

Features and services of Dr. Land


Dr. Land's address and working hours

  • Address: Niavaran Street, at the beginning of Darabad Street, after Ajodania, at the end of Museum Street
  • Working hours: Saturday to Wednesday: 9 to 19:30 Thursday, Friday and holidays: 10 to 20:30, admission until 18:00
  • Phone: 24557

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