Jurassic park
The land of giant moving dinosaurs
Roya Park
Vision Error’s Theme Park, Don't Trust Your Eyes
Tehran sled
The pleasure of riding a sleigh in Darband
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U skate

Recreational Holding, Tourism Iran Fan

The largest recreation holding in the country with more than 8 complexes with more than 50000 m² of recreational space with scientific, recreational and tourism topics in Tehran



Tourism complex in Tehran

East to north from north to center and from center to east of Tehran with Iran Fan tourism complexes


Great theme park in Tehran

5 Theme Park, Jurassic, Spider, Hyman, Dr. Land and Roya Park theme for your fellow Iranians


More than 25 different games

Experience more than 25 different games at 8 locations in Iran Fan Tourism complex

Tehran Jurassic Park

Tehran Jurassic Park or the garden of animated dinosaurs, is an educational, tourism, entertaining garden in Behrood square of Sa`adat Abad in Tehran that was built by Iranian fun Holding. This park, with its dinosaur statues and sculptures in different species and different sizes, is the first theme park in the capital that introduces different kinds of dinosaurs including disposure of dinosaur animated sculptures with sounds and special effects. The Jurassic park was built in early march of 1392.

Roya Park

The collection of Roya Park is one of the most attractive and high-quality theme Park in Iran. It is a huge building in the middle of the vast collection of Dar Abad and in each corner of this building, you can spend your time watching entertaining ideas. This collection includes 100 arts that challenge the five senses of human especially eyesight. Some of the dreamlike events that happen in this amazing land are: get on the flying rug, meeting with Arash the archer, being in the hand of a giant gorilla, endless room, upside down room, mirrors room, going to the middle of the galaxy. You can even take dreamlike photos in this park and you can also print your photos on a glass, T-shirt, and pixel.

Roya park is a compilation of similar places in the world and Iranian culture, that there is not a like of it in the contry.

The construction of this park took 7 months and finally it was opened in Nnowruz 98. It should be mentioned that this whole collection was made by Iranian experts.

Tehran human park

Tehran human park is the newest and biggest theme park in Iran and Asia. It has huge moquette’s of the human body and these maquettes give you the feel like you have been swallowed by a human and give you the chance to explore inside of the body. The body park collection is made in 1397 and there are only 4 similar collections like this in the world. The construction of this collection happened in Hong Kong and every year experts from Hong Kong come to Iran to check this collection. The human park has earned the global and environmental standards.

DR Land

Doctor land in one of the amazing sections of Tehran Dar Abad parks collection and it is next to Human park and is made for the children aged 3. Everything in this mini hospital is designed to the best of its ability and the tools and equipment are illustrated from real equipment so the children has an experience that is similar to what really happens in a hospital and have these memories in their minds.


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